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You’re a #menswear blogger sitting at a table but NOT drinking an espresso shot taken with instagram?

I finished my Pitti Uomo flavoured ice cream cone right before taking these.

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dig. you’ve been really rocking the pink lately. I had never really considered pink & brown, but this looks pretty awesome.

Yeah. I’ve really decided it’s the colour for me. I think light pink it’s just as versatile as light blue. It also looks really great with this new (to me) burgundy pin dot.

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All the magazines absolutely butcher formalwear. From the GQ (blogger aided) crusade against the cummerbund (also facial hair for some reason) to Esquire saying this multi-break disaster, you can’t trust the #mmsm (#menswear mainstream media).

I’ve been wary of GQ since one of their style videos, hosted by the undeniably stylish Adam Rapaport, suggested wearing a double breasted suit with a v-neck t-shirt. I had to double-check that I wasn’t watching the ‘How to Dress Like a Total D-Bag’ video.

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This is the conversation I have with myself all the time. Wearing a shirt with buttons puts you in the top quartile of formality in Portland ME, a jacket and tie is easily top 1-3%. The CBD model has virtually 0 relation to my life.

I do take a degree of inspiration from CBD. It’s the most rigidly rule based approach and I think the rules make sense of departure from the rules, if that makes sense. It’s been noted that style is what sets apart a superstar athlete from a journeyman, both of whom have to play by the rules. Those of us interest in #menswear obviously don’t have such rigid rules, but rather guidelines; including, but not limited to, CBD.

Conservative Business Dress

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I like the idea, but it looks not quite right without looking specifically “experimental” (for lack of a better term). If it’s working for you, yay. If you’re still on the fence at the end of the day, nay.

I like it, but am still on the fence about it. That’s why I was looking for some #menswear input. 

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I actually had noticed that you hadn’t been around much lately. Welcome back. Sorry bout the password.

Thanks. I actually changed the password on my computer because of that xkcd comic.

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Home run? Out of the mutha-funkin park! Whereabouts if I might inquire?

Camden Lock Market, my friend. Thanks for the suggestion. I also got a burgundy wool knit tie. Both were in a nightmarish bin of knit ties all twisted and wrapped together. The second I touched this one I immediately knew it was silk, having learned from Mr. Internetz about the crunchy feel of silk knit. 

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I’ve read on ASW that an old trad style of bespoke suits were actually designed to have the bottom button buttoned. Cue “the more you know” music & star. asuitablewardrobe.dynen…

Thanks for this. It’ll be a great one to throw at people when they parrot the ‘bottom button undone’ rule. I’d love to see a side-by-side comparison of a jacket made to button and one made not to be buttoned.

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Popped collar is never okay. Popped jacket lapel is okay under the following circumstances. 1: it’s below 30 degrees, 2: winds of at least 10mph, 3: you’re outside, 4: you’re wearing a scarf. Otherwise, no popping, ever.

For my fellow Canadians, that’s -1 degrees and 16 kph, which translates into about -6 with the ‘wind chill.’ At such temperatures, I’ll usually have some sort of outerwear.

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